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Auction for something cool AND kawaii
scheduled for Autumn 2021 * in Akihabara, Tokyo!

Our 1st Akihabara Auction will feature a variety of objects falling into pop culture, subculture, contemporary art and antique, of Japan.
The detailed schedule and venue will be announced on this website as well as SNS upon confirmation.* The schedule is subject to change depending on COVID-19 conditions.
We are now loking for participants as sellers/consignees and bidders/buyers, as well as for comments about, and requests for, and general inquiries on, Akihabara Auctions.

Please complete one of the forms below to let us know what your would like to do at or know about Akihabara Auctions. We will get back to you shortly.



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What you may find at Akihabara Auctions are

Akihabara Auctions are organized and operated by Akihabara Auctions Planning Committee.

Days left until the auction:

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URL: https://akihabara-auctions.com
Akihabara Auctions Inc.
8-7, Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO JAPAN 102-0084
TEL: +81-3-3512-0051
Antique Dealer License No. : 301002216174
authorized by the Tokyo Metropolitan
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