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On-site / Online / Collaborative / Charity


The only auction system you need for all your creations and events.

Online (mobile and PC) participation is also available.

Experience a bidding system comparable to those used by the world’s leading auction houses. Our auction system has been uniquely developed to allow online participation, with an online bidding platform accessible worldwide, offering a seamless experience with a delay of less than a second. It is easy and fun for everyone to join.

Our Auctioneers are experienced leaders who can instantly judge a situation. They act as a conductor of an orchestra, managing each auction and conducting the sales. The participants can comfortably and easily enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the venue.

We provide professional auction services throughout Japan that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business or organization. We offer a range of auction types, including promotional auctions, collaborative auctions, and charity auctions. The terms of our services are negotiable and can be customized to meet your specific needs.
※Please note that if your event is scheduled close to our regular auction dates, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

On-site Auction

  • You have the option to select either an indoor or outdoor venue.
  • Our specialists travel throughout Japan (travel expenses at your charge).
  • We bring all necessary equipment and systems to the designated location.
  • Use it as entertainment for parties, events, and more.
  • Available for small to large-scale events.
  • Additional services available upon request.

Collaborative Auction

  • Covers entertainment, sports, concerts, festivals, games, and celebrations.
  • Market limited edition products, rare items, items not-for-sale, and prize items.
  • Ideal for fan appreciation events and fan clubs.
  • Additional services available upon request.

Charity Auction

  • Our auction services cater to government agencies, municipalities, public organizations, and media.
  • Ideal for collecting donations and fundraising for disaster relief.
  • Auction services for sports, entertainment, and productions.
  • Online participation available, allowing individuals to join from anywhere in the country or overseas.
  • Additional services available upon request.

Please contact us via the link below for more information and assistance.

“BerBerJin x Akihabara Auctions” Collaborative Auction

January 27, 2024 (Sat)
Collaborative auction with ‘BerBerJin,’ widely acclaimed as the top vintage shop not only in Japan but also globally, since its opening in the fiercely competitive Harajuku district for second-hand clothing in 1998.
Days left until the auction:

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