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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Sustainability


We aim to promote culture and art through the services and work we are involved in and provide peace of mind to people worldwide.


We provide goods and services to institutions, donate to public organizations, and support child development.

Environment & Sustainability

We implemented measures to reduce CO2 emissions by promoting operational efficiency, reusing materials, and reducing industrial waste. The future is now!


We strive for highly transparent management and will continuously improve our services, with an emphasis on governance, compliance, risk management, and information security.


Art, pop culture (subculture), and entertainment are vital components of our daily lives. They have the power to move people and inspire creativity, and we are dedicated to producing content that will have a lasting impact. Our goal is to foster a community of young artists and creators by providing exhibition spaces, developing infrastructure, and offering funding opportunities for their growth.

Contemporary art has become an integral part of various lifestyles and business settings, and its role continues to evolve. We believe in creating content that adds value and is both sensitive and unique. Our commitment to delivering high-quality artwork in a variety of fields is unwavering, and we look forward to facing any challenges that may arise along the way.


In this fast-paced market, we are innovating to respond to your needs and accompany the changing times by proposing unique products and services.


Our company is dedicated to bringing new works of art and unique commercial materials to life. We strive to showcase pop culture and entertainment in a new light through our creative ideas and ingenuity. Our goal is to establish a sustainable business that creates new value and further enhances our corporate values.

Legal Responsibility

We understand the importance of complying with laws and regulations and producing a reliable product that is trusted by society and our consumers. We take the safety of our products seriously and are dedicated to responding sincerely to any complaints or problems that arise. We place a high value on sound organizational management, education and guidance, and strict safety management in the workplace environment.


Our business is founded on the belief that we can contribute to the happiness and peace of mind of people worldwide by nurturing their sensitivity and intelligence, creating joy and inspiration, and giving them dreams and hopes. We want to take care of others by holding charity events, making donations, and actively supporting children’s education, arts, sports, and other cultural activities.


At Akihabara Auctions, we believe in conducting business in an ethical manner. We refuse to engage in any transactions with malicious counterfeiters or sellers, and we will not associate with antisocial forces. We value diversity and encourage our staff to continuously learn and grow. To protect against fraud, we implement blockchain technology as often as possible. The protection of personal information is of utmost importance to us, and we take all possible measures to safeguard the handling of information on artists/creators and purchasers. We regularly conduct training sessions to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

Days left until the auction:

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