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On-site Auction / Collaborative Auction / Charity Auction

proxy auction / Consignment Auction

Our auction systems can be used for your desired contents for various events.


Online (mobile and PC) participation is also available.

Our auction system has been uniquely developed as the one used in world-famous auctions to enable online participation, and it is easy and fun for everyone to join.

Our Auctioneers manage each auction and instantly judge the situation of the participants at the venue and proceed the sales. They are important entities who act as a conductor of orchestra, so to speak. Since our Auctioneers are experienced staff with long years, you can easily enjoy a glowing atmosphere of the venue by simply watching it.

We would like to inform you that now we are ready to offer business auctions across Japan based on requests from companies and organizations as part of the content at the time of the event, such as Promotional auctions, Auctions collaborating with other company, and Charity auctions.
(The cost and other conditions are negotiable.)
※ If the date of your event is imminent to the time of our regular auction, We may not be able to accept your request.

On-site Auction

  • You can choose a venue (outside is possible).
  • Our staff will travel across Japan (our travel expenses will be charged additionally).
  • We bring our equipment and systems to the locations designated.
  • You can use as entertainment for parties and events.
  • We are available from small to large scale.


Collaborative Auction

  • Entertainments, games, sports, concerts, festivals, and events are expected to have synergistic effects.
  • The limited edition products, rare items, items not for sale, and prize items can be marketed.
  • You can use as content introduction for fan appreciation events, fan clubs.


Charity Auction

  • Government agencies, municipalities, public organizations, media, etc.
  • Sports, Entertainments, Productions
  • You can use as part of collecting donations, monetary contributions, and fundraising for disaster relief.
  • You can participate from Online or outside.


Please feel free to contact us from below.

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