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How to Sell

If you are thinking about selling your property at Akihabara Auctions, please contact us from the below. We may refuse any item if it does not fall into the categories we deal with, if it is inexpensive, or if it is prohibited by law. Please note that auction estimates may be canceled after receipt due to the various circumstances.

1. Consultations

You can submit some images along with a form below. Please have the history of the item (when, where and how it was acquired) available.

2. Auction valuations

Authenticity assessment
Our estimate is based upon the specialist’s expertise and knowledge of what similar items are fetching in the current auction market. After we receive your property, we will send you Consignment Agreement with listing the property.

3. Conclusion of contract

Once you have made the decision to sell, we will confirm you with estimates and discuss if reserve price should be set. We need to conclude contracts.

4. Online Catalogue
 / Preview

Prior to each auction, we will show your property at our online catalogue. At our preview day, the items will be exhibited in our salesroom.

5. After the Auction payment

After your property successfully sold, we will wiretransfer the payment to the registered bank account approximately 14 days after the sale. You will receive the hammer Price less the commission and any other fees incurred.


In the unlikely event that your property fails to meet the minimum bid at auction and buyer wasn’t found, we will continue trying to sell your property as “AFTER SALE” after the auction if you wish.

Online form

    For your property

    Name of your item required

    Details (History, Dimensions, condition, etc.) required

    Please upload your photographs.
    •Up to 10 points, 1MB per point, for a total of 10MB.
    •The file formats that are available for uploading: jpg | jpeg | png | pdf | gif

    Contact Information

    Name required

    Date of birth required

    ZIP / Postal Code required

    Address required

    E-mail address required

    Confirm e-mail address required

    Telephone number required

    Identity Verification

    Your ID

    Your ID (The reverse side or other page)

    Required to provide information relating to your identity and creditworthiness.
    The address listed as the primary one in this sign-up form can only be the address that was listed in your identification documents.
    For Individuals
    Please submit one of the document options listed below.

    • Driver’s license

    • Health insurance card

    • Passport

    • Certification of Alien Registration in Japan

    • Basic Resident Registration Card with picture

    • The original copy of the resident certificate

    • The original document of the Certificate of residence

    • The original seal certificate

    For Corporations
     It is required to provide information relating to the identity and creditworthiness of the Representative of the Corporation. Please submit one of the document options listed below.

    • Seal registration certificate ※Valid for 3 months

    • Corporate register (Certificate of full registry records)※Valid for 3 months

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