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Selling Guide

Sell with Akihabara Auctions

Ready to sell your items? We’re here to help you. Simply fill out the form below to get started. We carefully review all listings to ensure they comply with our listing categories and legal restrictions, and we reserve the right to refuse or cancel listings as needed. Let us facilitate the sale of your valuable items at our auction today!

Seller’s warranties

If you are thinking about selling your property at Akihabara Auctions, please contact us from our website. If you own a large number of collectables, you can take advantage of a private sale (collection sale). If you wish, please contact us with a notice. We may refuse any of your property if it does not fall into the categories we deal with, it is inexpensive, or it is otherwise prohibited by law. If we found that the Lot has been reported as a stolen item even though it has been confirmed to be in the sale, we may withdraw the Lot from sale even after it is listed in our catalogue.

1. . Consultations

You can ask for auction valuations from our website by submitting your item’s detail and image. Please also provide the detailed information for your property and any history of the item (including the exhibition records). After we receive your submission, our experts in each category will contact you shortly. We may refuse any of your property if we consider as not appropriate to sell.

2. Valuation (Check condition and verify authenticity)

Please deliver your property to be auctioned or bring with you. As the consignor, you are responsible for all the associated delivery charges, including packing, shipping, and insurance. After receipt your property, we will check the condition of items and issue the Consignment Agreement with listing the property. We will send the agreement copy to your registered email address or send to your physical address. The high-valued and rare items will be examined by our specialist or an external specialist who is affiliated with our auction. Please note that auction estimates may be canceled after receipt due to the various circumstances, such as the item which is not in the state of being exhibited, or clearly damaged, or difficult to judge authenticity. In that case, we will either ask you to pick your property up, or we ship items to you with payable at destination.

3. Conclusion of contract

Once you have made the decision to sell, we need to conclude contracts. At first, the terms and conditions of each item (such as the estimated values and a reserve price)needs to be set in order for your property to be sold, listed on our online catalog, and shown to the public.
Estimates represent the actual prices traded on the market, and we will be set the price range in the which the lots might sell at auction. Prospective sellers can set a Reserve price in below which the Lots can not be sold.
we, however, have the right to refuse the consignment in case of uncompromising discrepancy between our estimate and the desirable selling price requested by a prospective seller.
Our commission fee for your selling will be set out as 20.0%(excluding tax)of the hammer price. In the event that an agreement has been made between us and the seller, the terms and conditions shall prevail.
For the items that have been approved for selling after the consultation with prospective sellers, We enter into a Consignment Agreement that clearly describes the terms and conditions such as Estimated value and a reserve price based on the receipt.

4. Online Catalogue and Viewing

Once you have made the decision to sell, we will post the online catalog in which you can read the conditions and the details of your items before being auctioned. You can see estimated values, but a reserved price will not be shown.
Also, please be assured that none of any information of the seller will be disclosed with conforming to Privacy Protection Law. all the property in the sale is exhibited at our viewing day.

5. Payment of Selling price

After the sale we shall require payment in full from the Buyer. Provided this has occurred, we shall remit to the Seller a total amount of Seller’s price approximately 14 days after the auction date and this is the settlement of a contract for sale.
We will wiretransfer the payment, which is deducted various costs and our commission fee from the hammer price, to the registered bank account.
Request for cash payment is not accepted. If the payment from the successful bidder is delayed, the payment to the seller will be made after we confirm the payment from the successful bidder.
After your property successfully sold, our commission fee will be set out as 20.0% (excluding tax) of the hammer price.
We will pay you the amount that our fee was deducted from the hammer price. In the event that an agreement has been made between us and the seller, the terms and conditions shall prevail.

For example: If your property has been sold with 840,000 JPY,
    The hammer price: 840,000 JPY
    The commission fee(20.0%): 168,000 JPY
    The consumption tax(10%): 16,800 JPY
The total amount of seller’s price: 655,200 JPY
*In a clear description, the total amount will be 22% less than the Hammer Price.

6. Unsold Lot

If bidding on the item fails to reach the reserve price, we will not sell the piece at auction. After the auction, we will handle your property as the following. We will continue trying to sell your property for 2 weeks as “AFTER SALE PERIOD” based on upon agreed selling price by switching to the general sale. Your property will be returned to you immediately after the auction. We will confirm you whether you are interested in after sale or not. The benefits of After Sale are following. If you fail to bid, you can check for and purchase unsold items. If you are the seller, it is possible to prevent unsold sales by lowering the minimum reserve price. Even if sold on an after sale, you will be charged a fee based on the contract.
If you have any questions, please contact us.
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