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Private Sales
Private Collection Auction

We work closely with consignors and buyers to obtain the best price and terms of sale. We strive to help our clients find buyers for their items and support those who wish to purchase specific items.

  • Private Sale:

    Through private sales, Akihabara Auctions works closely with sellers and buyers to build the desired selling price and conditions outside of the auctions.

  • Private Collection Auction:

    The perfect consignment sale if you would like to sell precious pieces from your collection.

Private Sales

To sell your property in a safe and confidential manner, Akihabara Auctions Private Sales is the answer you’ve been searching for.
Our innovative negotiation process enables us to connect with clients and collectors from all over the world while ensuring that your request remains completely confidential. We take copyright issues very seriously, and we handle the sale of renowned works with the utmost discretion.
Throughout the Private Sale process, we avoid the use of any catalogs or website advertisements to ensure your privacy.

*Please note that the sale date for your object may vary based on the demand. Contact us to learn more about our Private Sales.

Private Collection Auctions

We provide chances for sellers with valuable collections to host exclusive auctions by taking care of everything for you.
Independent auctions are typically limited in genre and theme; therefore, they provide an excellent occasion to attract the attention of collectors and secure higher prices for your property.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need a private assessment of your properties.
We offer consultation service, and we might even be interested in purchasing your property.
Days left until the auction:

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