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Sell with Akihabara Auctions

Give a second life to your items. Ready to sell? Simply fill out the form below to get started. We carefully review all listings to ensure they comply with our listing categories and legal restrictions, and we reserve the right to refuse or cancel listings as needed. Let us facilitate the sale of your valuable items at our auction today!

1. Consultations

Reviewing your item is the first step to selling with us. Use the form below to submit clear color images from different angles, dimensions, history (when, where and how it was acquired) and any other available details about the item.

2. Authentication and Appraisal

Our experts will authenticate and appraise the item you wish to consign, providing an estimated auction value for the property that falls within our sales categories. You will then receive a Consignment Agreement containing a comprehensive listing of the property.

3. Conclusion of Contract

Once you have decided to sell with us, we will discuss and estimate if a reserve price should be set. And finally, we will draw up a contract.

4. Online Catalogue / Pre-Action Viewing

Before each auction, we will show your property in our online catalog. On our preview day, the items will be exhibited in our showroom.

5. After the Auction

If your property is sold during the auction, congratulations!
The hammer price, minus the commission and the handling fees, will be transferred to your registered bank account within 14 days after the sale.

6. In Case of Unsold / After Sale

If your property does not meet the minimum bid during the auction, and if you wish, we will continue to try to sell your property after the auction through our Private Sales.

Online form

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    •Up to 10 images, 5MB per image, for a total of 30MB.
    •Supported formats : jpg | jpeg | png | pdf | gif

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    For Individuals
    When registering, please upload the front and back sides of one of the following documents.

    • Driver’s license

    • Health insurance card

    • Passport

    • Certification of Alien Registration in Japan

    • Basic Resident Registration Card with picture

    • The original copy of the resident certificate

    • The original document of the Certificate of residence

    • The original seal certificate

    For Corporations
    Please attach one of the following documents: An identification card [front side] and corporate certification document.

    • Seal registration certificate ※Valid for 3 months

    • Corporate register (Certificate of full registry records)※Valid for 6 months

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