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For our business expansion, Somei Inc is looking for a person who are ready to work.

Our Philosophy:

Somei Inc.’s mission is to dispel the conventional wisdom and seize opportunities from eccentric ideas without adhering to fixed ideas. By providing the field where our employees can freely work and grow, we aim to fulfill our role as a Global Development Company

  • At least who is work-ready, interested in , and motivated by our business.
  • Knowledge of Pop culture/ subculture/ Contemporary art/ entertainment fields, and who can be expected to play an active role in our company.
  • Ability to handle many languages at professional working proficiency level
  • Must possess English language ability meeting a professional working proficiency level.

Somei Inc. provides the maximum support for full exercise of capabilities and activity by all of applicants, regardless of any age, gender, or educational background. We can discuss if you prefer wo work as a second job, work at home, or remote location (Contingency Fee).


Management staff, General manager (GM), Product manager (PM), Marketting director (MD), Cordinator, Public relations, Translator (TOEIC: over 945 points • Other foreign language)

Coordinator / Concierge

Animation, Manga, Figure, Art assistant, Art adviser, Art director, Animation & Manga adviser

SE / Web Designer

System engineer, Web creator, General maintenance, Web desiner, Scenery designer / DTP designer, System developper, Maintenance(System management, System administrator), Web director, Web producer, Information network, Information Security, Database construction, Database manegement

Production / Operation

Animator, Anime creator, Anime producer, Charactor designer, Grafic designer, CG creator, CG designer, SD CG modeler, Picture book writer/painter, Paper cut artist, Cartoonist, Picture-story show, Sculptor, Visual artist, Special make-up teacher, Columnist, Essayist, Trick artist, Illustrator, Video creator, Scriptwriter, Voice actor, Narrator, Announcer, Caster, Foley artist, Event coordinator, Event planner

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Days left until the auction:

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