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Private Sale
Private Collection Auction

We work closely with consignors and buyers to build the desired selling price and conditions. we are dedicated to assisting clients find buyers for their property and providing support to those wishing to purchase specific items.
  • Private Sale:
    is a consignment sale at which your identity will remain strictly confidential in the sales of works/goods.
  • Private Collection Auction:
    is a consignment sale that has a limited genre and is directed toward a rare collection.

Private Sales

It is a selling method that we negotiate directly with clients and collectors both in Japan and abroad. We maintain the ultimate in confidentiality for the response to requests such as “My selling of my own work needs to publicly disclosed.”, or “Since famous works have rights issues related to copyright, I would like to sell them in strict confidence.” In addition, we strictly keep confidentiality and avoid the usage of catalogues and websites for advert in the private sale process.
*Depending on the terms and conditions, we do not guarantee your date or sale.

Private Collection Auctions

It is a way to place an exclusive (independent) auction. If the event conditions are met, such as “there are a lot of rare items”, or “a theme is organized”, we can hold an independent auction. In general, an independent auction can be limited in genre and theme. It is easier to attract the attention of collectors and to get higher prices on your property.
Please feel free to contact Akihabara Auctions for consultation on the sale of your items.
In addition to the above offering, we may be able to purchase your property.
Up to 7th. Auction:

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