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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Sustainability


We will promote culture and provide peace of mind for the world through our services and art works involved.


We provide free commercial materials to facilities, provide comfort services, donate to public organizations, and provide support for child development.

Environment & Sustainability

We implement measures to reduce CO2 emissions while promoting operational efficiency, reusing materials, and reducing production wastes.


In order to ensure a transparent management, we focus on governance, compliance, risk management, and information security. We are committed to continue to improve our services.


Art, pop culture (subculture), and entertainment are truly essential to our lifestyle. We strive to create works and contents that will inspire people. And we promote planning/development/production so that we can create something in society that you love for a long time. In addition. we provide a location to actively use young artists/creators at exhibitions and events, develop infrastructure, open studios, and establish a fostering fund. Now contemporary art is also widely used in lifestyle and business situations, and its role is diversified. Our philosophy is to create items that are sensitized and friendly while blending art with added value, and to provide long-life and high-quality productions by working creatively in a wide variety.


We innovate to meet the market and diverse needs of the times, and we develop innovation through the proposal of unique products and services.


We bring into existence the followings; works made by artists and creators, Commercial materials that combine pop culture (subculture)/entertainment and art through ideas and ingenuity. We promote the creation of new value, establish a continuous business, and continue to drive further improvements in corporate value.


We comply with laws and regulations and produce art works that are trusted by society and consumers. In addition, we respond seriously to the safety of commercial materials and complaints and troubles. We achieve healthy organizational operations and educational guidance, and we ensure the strict safety controls in the workplace environment.


We foster the sensory intelligence of people around the world, create joy and excitement, give dreams and hope, and contribute to happiness and well-being. Through our business, we organize donations and charity/events to promote children’s medical and welfare services. We also actively support children by promoting culture, such as education, arts, and sports.


As information becomes more diversified, there are people who produce and sell malicious fake pieces. We educate our staff not to respond to any transaction with such anti-social forces, and we introduce block chains as many as possible. From the viewpoint of protecting personal information, we make every effort to protect handling of artist/creator and purchaser information. We ensure that our staffs are thoroughly aware of compliance and conduct regular trainings.
Up to 7th. Auction:

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