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Buying Guide


In general, auctions begin to bid from a lower price than the market price, and buyers will bid at the suggested price If they want to purchase. If there is no any other buyer (bidder) who wants to buy with higher than the suggested price, you become a successful bidder.
Only registered participants can make bid although auction room is open to visitors. It is required to register via our website or application form in advance before you can place your bids. Prospective bidders should complete their registration for every sale they wish to participate in. Please review our terms & conditions and our Privacy Policy for your registration.
To find out what’s for sale in our auctions, please visit our online catalogue (we will post to our website before the auction takes place). Akihabara Auctions offer several ways to bring the most collectors together to bid on your lots as below:

Absentee Bidding

For the clients unable to participate in the salesroom, we offer you the option of leaving Absentee Bids. Before the day of the auction, please Lot numbers in numerical order with details and your maximum hammer price onto our Bid form below. Apply for Absentee bidding
Absentee Bidding

Bid in Person

Come to the auction and view the lots in person and bid live on the floor. On the day of the auction, you will be given a paddle with your personal number for bidding during the sale. To place a bid, simply raise your paddle for the auctioneer to recognize your bid.


On the day of the auction, we offer telephone bidding service on behalf of clients who are on the phone.

apply for telephone bidding

For clients unable to attend the sale and overseas bidders. Please request in advance since the number of bilingual staffs and telephone lines is limited. Absentee bidding is also available.


Online Bidding grants its participants to join our sale real time via internet connection. Because of the system, significant delay may occur depending on the Internet environment, PC performance, and mobile/tablet conditions. Therefore, please aware that your bid on the reaching deadline (Fair Warning) may not reflect that you won the bidding. We do not correspond to claims. Please allow yourself sufficient time when you really want to win an item. You can use absentee bidding or telephone bidding as a secure method of winning bids.
When you participate in our second and subsequent auctions, we ask you to register each time. Please email or contact us each time you wish to participate.

How to Buy

There will be an online catalogue with images and descriptions of the lots and/or artists issued along with every auction. You can find out the details of every lot.
Prior to each action, all the property in the sale will be exhibited in our salesroom. If you are unable to attend the preview, please give us a call for any questions. We are not be able to accept any further claims after you have won the bid without examining the items in person.
ON THE AUCTION DAY(Admission is free.)
Only registered participants can make bid (Bid in person, Absentee Bid, Bid by phone, and Online bidding) at our auctions. Even if you are not registered, anyone over 20 years of age can participate if you register at the reception desk on the auction day. Subject to auctioneer’s discretion, the striking of his hammer marks the acceptance of the highest bid and identifies the Hammer price at which the Lot is knocked down to the Buyer and the conclusion of a contract for sale between the Seller and the Buyer through our agency. Participating in our auction is free of charge, but you are obligated to pay if you win the bid. The Successful bidder is unable for any reason including the conditions of the work or frame to cancel the bid.
Our auction is a confidential purchasing system, so the seller’s information and the buyer’s information are strictly confidential.

1. Bid in Person

On the day of the auction, clients intending to bid in person must provide name and address. Once your registration is completed you will be given a paddle with your personal number for bidding during the sale. To place a bid, simply raise your paddle for the auctioneer to recognize your bid. If you become the only bidder remaining, the auctioneer will state that the item is sold then the announce the hammer price and your paddle number.
You are free to enter and exit the auction floor during the sale, but you must return the paddle when you leave the auction. In the event of the loss or damage of paddles, we will charge you the actual production cost, which is 8,000 yen (excluding tax).

2. Absentee Bidding

If you wish to bid with absentee, please complete our bid form (Linkを張る)and send one by FAX or email. On the day of the auction, our staff will bid on your behalf alternatively against other bidders until the bidding ends. In the event that the other bidders stop bidding before reaching your maximum bid, you will purchase the lot at the next increment.

3. Bid Live by Phone

For our telephone bidding, we will call you a few minutes before the time of the lot you want to bid. Our staff will bid on your behalf alternately against other bidders while checking the amount of the bid each time via phone. If you wish to bid by phone, please complete our bid form (Linkを張る)and send one by FAX or email. Please request in advance since the number of telephone lines is limited.

4. Advanced bidding on line

Clients registered as our members may conveniently leave absentee bids on our website. This pre-bidding system allows you to log in from our website, and enter your maximum bid for the items you wish to buy. You need to enter before the auction begins, but it is only recognized in the system, so the amount you entered will not displayed. No other bidders can see your bid price. Additional bids on the advanced bidding on line is not allowed after the deadline. Prospective buyers are encouraged to visit our auction floor on the auction day, or join our Live bidding below.


Live bidding grants its participants to join our sale real time via internet connection. You can log in from our website and participate in our online bidding (Live Bid). During our sale, a large screen will advance automatically as the system progresses following the order of Lots. Place a bid when the time comes for the lot you want. Our bidding system has been built to use the internet to bid. We are not liable for as a result of any software failure or inability to access the internet. Please allow yourself sufficient time to for your bidding and Avoid additional bids when a Fair Warning occurs.

We will broadcast the auction event via video from the link on our website. You may experience a delay (Time Lag: 5 to 30 seconds to 2 minutes) due to the factors such as net environment, server condition, PC performance, terminal models, or delivery speed. Never bid while watching our auction video. For example, the actual venue may have finished Lot# 50, but the video may have just started Lot#48. Due to the time lag (delay) between the price indicated at the venue and the price presented online, the price presented at the venue tends to take precedence. This will result in failure to purchase the lots online. We do not correspond to any trouble or claim related to the online Live Bidding. Please participate in our Auction with the most secured bidding method.


Buyer’s Premium

Bid amounts announced in the saleroom do not include the Buyer’s Premium or the applicable tax. The successful bidder must pay the final amount due, including the hammer price, along with a uniform 15.0% (tax not included) buyer’s premium of the hammer price.

For example:when the hammer price is 840,000 JPY,
    The hammer price: 840,000JPY
    The commission fee (15.0%): 126,000JPY
    The consumption tax (10%): 12,600JPY
The total amount you need to pay: 978,600 JPY
*in a clear description, the total amount will be 16.5% more than the Hammer Price.

Payment of your purchases

If you are participating in our auction room, you are free to enter and exit the venue even if the auction is still being held. If you wish to leave the room at the middle of the auction and take back your purchases, please request it at reception when you return the paddle. You can take the items with you if you make a liquidation on the day. Only credit cards (visa, JCB) or transportation electronic money is accepted for the payment. If you use a credit card, you need to pay the final amount price plus the 4.0% card fee. If you wish to purchase a loan agreement, please come to the reception for assistance.

For the buyer who does not make payment on the auction day or who won the bid other than attending the venue, they need to make remittance accordingly to our bank account by bank transfer. (Buyers are responsible for remittance charge). Payment is not available with any virtual currency.

Successful bidders can check the total amount from My Page of our Website. Please make remittance accordingly to our bank account, which you can see at My Page. We shall retain purchases for 14 days after the next day of the sale whether or not payment has been made.

If you cannot make a transfer within this period, please let us know. If you do not make a transfer without contacting us, you may not be able to participate in our future auctions.

If you participated in a bidding from abroad and won the bid, the total amount will be calculated using the exchange rate on the day of the auction. The method of liquidation is the same as above, but please make remittance in Japanese yen (JPY) to our account. (Buyers are responsible for all bank charges.). Payment is not available with any Cryptocurrency.

Delivery of Purchases

Your successful purchases will be transferred to your possession after the payment has been confirmed. You may come to Akihabara Auctions Inc. to pick them up.

In the case of your items that cannot be taken with you, you may have them shipped to you. It is possible to use our designated carrier, so please request at reception.

Once we confirmed your payment, please indicate either you pick them up, or have them shipped to you. Be sure to let us know if your shipping address is different from your registered address.

We will handle your purchases with a great care from the end of sale until the time of the shipment, but We do not respond to abstention losses caused by transportation. We will process the insurance subscription process based on the intent of the successful bidder, but please note that the cost of insurance related to transportation will be borne by the successful bidder.

Please note that we only ship domestic orders and do not arrange international shipping for items purchased.

If you have any further question, please feel free to contact us.

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